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Free Instant Business Cards

Free instant biz cards are back! This is very basic, but also simple and easy. Just fill in the form below, press the button, and print out the resulting business cards. Finally, clip them apart carefully with scissors or a paper cutter. No waiting for shipment! Click here for advanced tips and troubleshooting at the bottom of this page. Please note that pressing the "Create Cards" button will also cause a onetime thank you email to be sent to your email address (one email per browser session during which you create cards). Your information will not be collected nor saved in a database.

If you know someone else who could use free business cards, please

Note that I am also the web developer of this software and this, and currently also a DJ and Karaoke operator based in Bloomington, Indiana. Perhaps you could use my services?

Here's an example of a basic card lay out:

This is how a basic card lays out.

Slogan or Brief Description:
Name, Title:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Cell Phone:

Tips and Troubleshooting:
The names of the fields are just guidelines. You can type anything you want. For example, if you are privately self-employed, you might want to put your name and title in place of the company, and then add some different information where the form says "Name". Or perhaps your "slogan" is some other type of message. I actually use the form to make karaoke request slips! If you know some HTML, you may be able to use it to add bold or underlined text or otherwise customize the fonts -- to allow for later editing, do not use double quote marks.

If your cards contain a mistake, use the "Edit" link or your browser's "Back" button to go back to the form and make some changes. If your info doesn't all fit on the card or the cards come out oversized, try abbreviating, temporarily changing your browser's display settings (in Internet Explorer, choose "View" and then "Text Size"), or, for HTML users, changing the font size.

Once you've created your cards, bookmark the page for quick access to your finished cards without filling out the form again! (Note: editing is now possible when returning to your cards using a bookmark. Your information is stored on your computer as part of the bookmark, not on Bloomingfun's servers.)

For best results, print to heavier paper or lightweight cardstock that is compatible with your printer, using the highest print quality available from your printer. To save paper, print only the first page of the document, unless you'd like to print out the ads below the cards, which help us to keep this service free.

To be honest, not everyone will be satisfied to cut up their own business cards all the time, so I'm working on a better solution. Keep checking back, I hope to have it ready for beta testing in the near future.

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Software and text copyright 2002-2011 Thomas Marshalek, all rights reserved. Results will vary with different equipment and papers. Not responsible for quality of results nor for any damage that may arise from use or misuse of this software nor of scissors and paper cutters. Children should use scissors with rounded points and should be instructed not to run with them, and to wear proper rain gear when necessary. This software should not be used by pets, unless they need a business card.

Like this software and want to own the franchise? First million dollars buys it. :-)